Olive Oil 100% pure

I love extra virgin olive oil. I could drink it. Because of its health properties, I have been researching the best brands. Surprise! Most of the oils out there aren’t pure at all. No matter what the label says. So how is a Mediterranean girl to know what to purchase? (I’m going somewhere with this so don’t quit reading now.)

Here are just a few tests to find out if it’s really pure: 
4. Put it in the fridge and it should solidify
3. Put it in an oil lamp and it should burn
2. Look for an olive estate seal, or name on the bottle
1. Buy from a local grower, the source

According to tests, 75% of the extra virgin olive oil sold is fake: adulterated, something else besides olive oil is added. Because of this, the benefits of using extra virgin olive oil are lost.

Matthew 5:8 blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

I’m thinking, like that fake EVOO, there have been things added to my life that have nothing to do with Jesus: Religion, knowledge, possessions, and titles (etc. etc. etc). If I cling to Jesus only, I should be able to pass a few tests.

4. In the cold places, when I’m numb and I can’t feel Jesus, I would like to say I am full of faith, still standing on a solid foundation. Let the storms come and I can’t be moved. But, most of the time what really happens is that I melt down, and using olafthose additives, hastily try to put myself back together. I usually end up like that silly snowman on Frozen. Parts in all the wrong directions.

3. When the Light is needed in dark places, I should be able to burn bright. Instead I often flicker out and join the darkness. I end up with that proverbial basket over my head. But His Word is a separating sword, a lamp, if I stay in it, the Truth will set me free to shine again.

2. When the world looks at me, I hope they see Jesus and His seal is upon me as His daughter. But sometimes I feel I’ve been run through the washer so much that the seal has peeled off the bottle. I say I have no evidence, but forget the bottle is embossed with His name. Nothing can separate me from His love. I’ve just been showing off the temporary religious seal instead of the permanently embossed one.

1. Jesus is the only source I get my supply from. He is the author and finisher of my faith. His word is Truth and Holy Spirit is His distributer. Any other voice or influence is suspect, selling the cheap stuff just to fill a bottle. 

So when I look at a bottle of olive oil, I hope to remember I am the ‘good stuff.’




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