Week 46

Week 46

In an evil and perverse generation, people need the hope of goodness more than ever. Thousands of years ago the prophet Malachi saw this and spoke words of hope to those who reverenced the NAME, YHWH.

Mal 4:2

“But for you who fear My NAME [with awe-filled reverence] the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go forward and leap [joyfully] like calves [released] from the stall.”

I have read this verse many times, but my brain always translates ‘fear My Name’ as ‘fear the Lord’ and ‘sun’ as ‘Son.’

Fear the Lord’s Name…

What’s in a name? SHEM, the Hebrew word for ‘name,’ is more than just a label with which a person is called by. It is a representation of the character of the bearer, a remembrance of all He represents. His holy name being Yahweh, the Hebrews were afraid to vocalize it because they reverenced the holy righteousness His Name represented.

For those of us who reverence all that the Lord is…

The word, sun, is SHEMESH in Hebrew. It means brilliant radiance. Is it an accident that SHEM is built into that word? The brilliance of the Holy Name will shine forth…

With healing in its wings…

In context the word healing (or cure), should probably read deliverance. The word ‘wings’ means outer skirt which reminds me of Ruth.

Ruth 3:7-9 “She came secretly, uncovered his feet, and lay down. At midnight, Boaz was startled, turned over, and there lying at his feet was a woman! So he asked, “Who are you? ” “I am Ruth, your servant,” she replied. “Take me under your wing (outer skirt), for you are a family redeemer.”

And , because of your deliverance and redemption, you shall go out leaping like calves from a stall…


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