Week 42

Week 42 Finding Superman

“Let go of all you thought you were to discover who you truly are, and so walk this earth in peace and power as the son or the daughter of God.” (Ted Dekker, The Forgotten Way Study Guide, p.151)

In John 14-17 Jesus speaks of His Name, our oneness with Him, and the glory He has given to us so that the world may know that the Father loves.

All this loveliness is wrapped up in His Name. But what’s in a name? “That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.” Right? But flowers aren’t people.

My Dad had a stroke one and a half years ago. While the Lord has done beautiful things to restore some things, his mental state (and the fact he is in assisted living) precludes handling his own money. So I have power of attorney and some joint accounts with Him so that I can pay his bills. As his daughter I can sign my name and it counts as his.

One day, after my brothers and I had a hard weekend cleaning out his house, he told us to celebrate the completion with a nice dinner out. When the waitress came with the bill and asked who to give it to, both my brothers pointed to me and said ‘Dad.’ I pulled out my joint-account card and paid. As ‘Dad’, I had authority to draw on his account, my brothers eagerly accepting Dad’s kindness.

Romans 8:18-25 speaks of how the earth longs for the Sons and Daughters of God to be revealed.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, I am not merely PJ or Pauline, I am Pauline bat Yahweh. Pauline daughter of the LORD of Heaven and earth. And in reading John, I have been given power of attorney to handle His affairs here on earth. The whole earth is waiting for ‘Superman’ and we, the people of His Name, are It.


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