Week 23

Week 23 Seeing in the Dark

Life is interpreted through subtle perspective shifts. 

Consider Solomon, a man who sought God and His wisdom over riches. The wisdom he received is recorded in Proverbs, and the hopeless mental torment he endured is laid out in Ecclesiastes. How could a man who asked for God’s wisdom suggest that the life God has created has no meaning?

As I read Ecclesiastes 2, I realize at some point Solomon changed his perspective from His creator to the creation, mainly himself. I must admit, I am often guilty of this too.

       Verse 14-15, “And yet I perceive that the same events happen to all (wise and fools)…Then I said to myself…what do I gain?”

Instead of living each day fully alive trusting God, he refers to his observations of the past while forming questions about the future. This kind of self-talk is language from the serpent that once roamed the Garden.

At one time, Solomon knew where and who he was in God’s eyes. But with a judgment based on his natural vision, he could not see that God was for him in everything. 

        Verse 17, “So I hated my life.”

Fortunately, God cannot forsake us, and in His mercy He readjusts the vision of those who love Him but have been blinded by the darkening perceptions. And so, as Solomon ends this discourse, he has already readjusted his perspective. 

        Verse 25 “For apart from God who can eat or who can have enjoyment. For to the one who pleases Him, God has given wisdom and knowledge and joy.”

Finally the king comes to this conclusion in chapter 12 verse 13, “Fear God and keep His commandments for this is the whole duty of man.”

There is a game I sometimes play called ‘I Love Hue.’ It is a journey into color and perception. By Arranging mosaics of colored tiles into perfectly ordered spectrums, I bring order out of the chaos. But the subtle color changes can be hard to place in the correct spots. Sometimes I think I’ve got them in the correct place and then I’m stuck with one odd colored tile and have to readjust the other colors. I usually find that all I need to do is switch two squares and all the colors fall into place.  It’s all about seeing the colors correctly.


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