Off we go

Today, I move my beautiful youngest daughter to Boone. As she starts this next chapter, or rather the first chapter in the second book, of her life, I watch proudly yet nostalgically. Proud of all the chapters when she bravely endured conflict and created beautiful resolutions. Proud of her character development and creativity.
Favorite scenes flood my mind: LEGO building together, train track set ups, sisters dreaming, shopping, meaningful dialogue, laughing, crying, waiting for “The Walking Dead.”
Nostalgic, feeling a little splinched, I don’t want to let go as she moves on, but I know I need to.
I experience every emotion in one paragraph of my own story, excitement, pride, anxiety, sadness, etcetera, etcetera etcetera.
In the end I mainly feel pride and joy. Excited to see how this sequel turns out, I also begin writing the first chapter of the new book in my own series.
So off to Appalachian State University we go… She goes.



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