Week 48

Week 48

Have you ever pictured God getting slap-happy, giddy-excited? Like the kind of excited that many people in North Carolina would be if the Panthers won the Super Bowl?

Well, if I am reading Zephaniah 3:17 correctly, He is that excited to be able to inhabit His Temple again. This time I am that temple. His plan to deliver me from my enemy has worked. Through my champion Jesus, God has inscribed His Love for me permanently into the hands of His Son. So yeah, God is pretty excited about that.

Zephaniah 3:17

YHWH, the eternal God is in your inward parts (gereb)

a powerful champion (gibbor) who has caused your deliverance (yasha)

he cheerfully rejoices (suws) over you with exceeding joy (simchah);

he quiets you by the engraving (charash) of his sacrificial love;

he spins and dances (giyl) over you with loud singing (rinnah).


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