April Theme 2016

 Week 13 and the April Theme
The past month and a half have been crazy around here, lots of struggles and tears. But I am so thankful that God invited me on a journey at the start of 2016. I started by seeking Him and finding Him in surprising places, then dwelling in Him. In my dwelling I realized His light filled me and poured out of me even when I couldn’t see it myself.
Now, after experiencing a sort of death in so many areas, I stand at the door and feel resurrection power, in the midst of a tomb.

I will be sharing the whole testimony at some point, but I mostly want everyone to realize that this journey is leading to more peace than I ever could have dreamed, and it’s so worth it to invest in seeking and abiding in the light.

Today and everyday, we have an opportunity to stand in resurrection power. HE IS RISEN! He is risen indeed.

The theme for the month of April is ‘Resurrection Power.’

I encourage you to look through the weekly scriptures on this site and take the challenge to journey with Him. The next time a trial comes your way, you’ll meet it as one with the Lord.


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