A Normal Day in My Life 2024

Smelling coffee, birds singing just outside, here comes God’s mercy streaming in with the morning light. My heart races waking up to His smile. It’s a good morning.

Front deck overlooking the lake, sipping coffee with Jesus. Words in red penetrate my porous soul. Gentle Spirit speaks and changes me to yet another glory. A humming bird zips by my head and hovers for a second. Refreshed and energized, I walk back into the house.

Jay drinks sweet tea as we discuss the Spirit Words given to us this morning. Apparently, we both read the same Word. We stroll around the lake, praying, while birds and beasts flit and scurry before us. The placid lake gives us a wink as we return.

Phone rings, Lisa wants to know if we could get coffee, Starbucks, Robinhood, 10 am? Sure.

Starbucks is humming this morning. Lattes, coffee, frappes, the line is long. Lisa and I chat; someone says hello. Why it’s Matt and Tim front of us.

We take our warm beverages out to the patio. A lady with a poorly fitting prosthetic leg tries to squeeze through the door, Lisa runs to open it for her.

“Thank you,” she says, eyes cast downward. I feel Jesus tugging and join Lisa at the door.

“Jesus has a beautiful day planned for you. Are you ready for some excitement?”

She cracks a smile, looks up at me and then down at her leg. “Sweetie, what kind of exciting things do you think I could actually get into?”

Lisa and I look at each other, suddenly the humming stops, all is quiet. We look deeply into her eyes. Matt and Tim slowly stand at their seats.

Gently, taking her hand, I say, “In the name of Jesus…” She starts crying… “Rise up from your languish, be healed…” She shakes, her hands warm… “and whole!”

Matt and Tim push their chairs back, racing for the catch as she crumples; the prosthetic slides off. Faces pressed against the glass, patrons gasp. Plastic prosthetic lays along side her new pink leg.

She gazes at her new skin and wiggles her toes. Laughing and tears streaming, “Thank you, thank you Jesus.”

iPhones are popping pics. People pour out of the venue. Starbucks hums with questions.

“My daughter has MS, could you…”

“I have migraines all the time…”

“Could He…” “Would He…”

Starbucks is humming. Healings, deliverances, salvations, the line is long. Two other Jesus followers join us. Over and over I hear and say, “In the name of Jesus!”

Three hours later, six original believers have become 32 believers. Starbucks is humming Hallelujahs. People connect, five different churches are represented and have new visitors lined up for Sunday services. I have new friends; Agnes has a new leg and new friends. Drinks on the house, Love overflows out of the venue as these new believers flit and scurry to share their God stories all over Winston.

Goodbyes. I hug Lisa tightly, our eyes moist with the presence and power of God. Glass door gives me a wink as it closes after me.

Home again. I share the God stories with Jay. Like gentle waters, God’s mercy streams into our home as we float praises to the a living powerful Jesus.

Preparing supper, I reflect on recent adventures. Tuesday, Yet another friend shuddered under the power while receiving his prayer language, youth prayer night when the fire department rushed to the rescue and were themselves rescued by God’s power, the grocery store giveaway, and just yesterday comforting a grieving friend. Was God’s Name made famous this week? Yes. Yes it was.

Pale evening sun sets over the placid lake. A goodnight wink and I’m off to bed. My heart rests in God’s love. It was a good morning.


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