Jesus said He is the Way. He is the Truth. He is the Life.
This challenge will explore the Way of Christ by first understanding the Truth of who God is and who we are to Him. Where did you come from? Who, exactly, is your Father? All else hinges on what we believe about our Father and our image before Him.

Then we will prepare to walk in the Way by seeing who we are and surrendering any other identity. Without sight we can only fumble in the darkness.

Last we will see how to apply His Word of power to this Life in order to bring life to this dry-bone world. The purpose of this year long journey is to fully live in the Kingdom of Heaven while we are on earth.

I hope you will journal with me on the journey to open the treasures of God and His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is now in heaven.

We will be following the declarations from “The Forgotten Way” by Ted Dekker and Bill Vanderbush

5 Declarations


1. God is infinitely good, far more loving and gentle to his children than any earthly mother or father imaginable. God is infinitely complete; nothing can threaten or disturb Him. Nothing can be taken away from Him, making him less than complete, or added toHim  who is already complete.

2. You are remade in the likeness and glory of your Father, finite yet already complete in union with Yeshua (Jesus), you in Him and He in you, risen with Him and seated in heavenly places. Nothing can separate you from His love.


3. Your journey now is to see who you truly are, for you are the light of the world, the son or the daughter of your Father, a new creature flowing with more beauty and power than you dared imagined possible.

4. You will only see who you are thus be who you are as you surrender your attachment to all other identities, which are like gods of the lesser power that block your vision of your true identity and keep you in darkness.


5. Love, joy, and peace are the manifestation of your true identity and the Father’s realm, on earth as in heaven through the power of the Holy Spirit.


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