Week 38 

Week 38  Giving IS Receiving 

Mark 9:35
Mt 16:25
Jn 12:24-25
Phil 3:8

A new way of seeing. Seeing mankind, created in His image. 

Man can’t reflect His Image because only the Blood can reveal it. But I, called His blood-sister, can see what others cannot. 

In order to reconcile the lost to their Father, I must give my life as a servant of all. I have the power to guide those in darkness towards the light so they can accept the truth of their Savior’s Love. 

As much as I give away, I give way to Jesus, yet, I receive all from the very One I give to. It’s an inside , outside, upside down Kingdom, where I die to live, and I give to gain.

Made me think of this Misty Edwards song…
Servant of All by Misty Edwards
I wanna be Your lover so show me how to go lower
For in the depths I will find You where You’re serving my brother

I wanna be with You where You are I wanna be with You wherever You are
I wanna be with You where You are; You’re the servant of all

I’m in love with a king who became a slave
I’m in love with a God who is humble

You gotta go down if you wanna go up
And You’ve gotta go lower if you wanna go higher and higher

Well you’ve gotta hide and do it in secret if you wanna be seen by God
Cause it’s the inside outside upside down kingdom

Where you lose to gain and you die to live 


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