February Theme 2016

February’s theme: Abiding

If you’ve been following these challenges you know that we spent January ‘Seeking’ and, I pray, ‘Finding’ the Lord. In my own seeking I found a bread crumb trail and started going after it.

And, proof that seeking leads to finding, I came to this:

Seeking lays a support for Sanctuary.

God does not reside in a structural sanctuary, but a relational one.

February’s theme is about Abiding, or Dwelling in the Lord and He in you. I want to study more about how to live this out daily. I hope you will join me to search out this theme in the Word and share your understanding on this page. I highly recommended reading anything the apostle John wrote. If you like digging into original languages you might be surprised where you find the Greek words ‘meno’ and ‘mone’. Seek out the word abide, dwell, remain, and continue.

I hope you enjoy your Abiding adventure through the Word this month and share any art form or thoughts you’ve learned along the way so we can all journey into His presence.

The verses for week 5 are John 15:1-11. Illustrate whatever jumps out at you. My prayer is that we understand our role as dwelling places for a dwelling God.


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