The Illuminated Word

As 2015 transitions into 2016, I feel the Lord calling me closer to Him through the talents He placed within me long ago. Some have been stolen from me, some locked in vaults of fear, and some barely awakened last year.

I hope some of you will join me on the the journey of intimacy with Him through all our senses. Intentionally using our mustard seed talents to draw close and receive revelation of His Living Word and bringing that light to others by sharing on this page.

I will share a monthly theme and weekly scripture to go along with it. I will also share projects I am working on and how I came to make them.

Are you an artist, foodie, photographer, scrapbook or, dancer, writer, musician or actor? Please share your revelations, post your Bible journal pics, dance videos, and testimonies here.

It’s time to restore the stolen, lost and captive talents and bring them back to the Original Owner.

**All posts must be based on the monthly theme. Please feel free to use the weekly scripture as your launching point, but the intent is to prompt you to dig dig deeper into His Word and His heart. Please ask for permission from original owners before sharing their posts, but please feel free to share this page with others. Take a closer look, because the closer you look the more you’ll see.**


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