Revisiting 2017 

Once again, I must let go of my OWN support beams to see clearly and bring light in darkness. What support beams are you clinging to in order to bring about judgement? Tear down the scaffolding YOU have built. Let go, so you can see through the eyes of Your Father once again and be the Isaiah 61 person you were meant to be.

Nothing But A Mist

Week 24 Seeing is Believing

This year I have learned that if my ‘vision’ is clear my earthly experience will be full of light, but if it is not clear I will see darkness. Viewed through the wrong lens, I will see brambles instead of blackberries, offense instead of grace, fear instead of love. And I will even defend my belief that I am indeed seeing properly.

I know this is Truth, yet why don’t I see clearly?

I am still seeing through the wrong eye, distorted by beams of offense and grievance. In Luke 6:41 the Greek word for plank, log or beam is dokos. Dokos does not mean any old piece of wood and it does not mean log. It means a supporting timber. If I judge anything when I am not perceiving through light, I will judge wrongly because I support my judgment without the light of…

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Turn Aside

Strolling through a canopy of fire.
Leaves, like sparks, pop and swirl,
Surround and entwine me within
Glowing gold, red, orange.
Breathe it in; Oh the beauty!

I have traveled long distances
To seek the burning bushes before.

But I’ve discovered bushes burn in my own backyard.
And gilded sidewalks line my own city.
I need not search the ends of the earth
For a beauty that presents itself in this local place.

This place, this time, now…
If I turn aside to see.