Past Present Future

fogFog. Ghosts of past wars emerge, marching past ancient gray palisades. Fade to mist as the Sentinels of the present wait for God’s presence to draw near in glorious light.

Something about the fog this morning made me pause, coffee in hand.  Just as that fog blanketed my forest, a spirit of depression spread over my soul, . Old memories came to me.  In trying to find something to be thankful for, I found dead places rise up instead.  Like those solid trees, I stood frozen in place trying to pierce through the gray ground clouds.  Dark and getting darker, still standing.  Praise God, a ray of light sliced through and I could see my familiar forest explode in glory! Fog quickly vanished and so did that mist over my heart.

Gentle whisper of my Maker, “No matter how dark life seems, I am Light and I will never leave you or forsake you.”  Sometimes the past creeps up on us unexpectedly, but He sees and brings light to the situation as long as we stand and wait.


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