Nature taught me Forgiveness

Grey morning, quiet. Squirrel merrily prancing through fog on back deck – nothing else moving. Trying to find grace gifts when fog has also crept into my soul. A shadow over grace. One would think – prancing squirrel – how cute – joy in the haze, but no I can’t allow myself. The reason seems as grey as this day – unforgiveness. I know I need to forgive, but does that include squirrels?  Those precious parasites of my birdfeeder paradise. Barrels of seed bought for my birds and their feasting pleasure. Golds of finches, reds of cardinals and robins, blue-gray-browns of bluebirds, nuthatches, juncos, titmouses (titmice?), wrens – all the joy of color in my grey world – driven away by filthy, sneaky, tricksey little squirrels. My precious… I digress… So okay, that brown- gray fluff pouncing at God-knows-what on the deck is kind of cute, and My unforgiveness doesn’t seem to affect his joy at all. It does affect mine. So in this day of grey I can choose to see him as gift or garbage. My decision. .. today’s joy rides on my choice… I’ll choose forgiveness, joy and grace. Neways, he is kind of cute 🙂


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