The Lord’s Prayer

My interpretation…

My FATHER, Abba, DADDY who lives in Heaven,

Your NAME, YHWH, is Holy.

Your Kingdom is in my midst, right HERE & NOW!

Connect Your will

-what is allowed in the Kingdom-


With this planet…and… ME, made of earth.

May the Kingdom I can’t see with my eyes

bleed into the one that is visible.

This VERY day, bestow on me epiousious

-the BREAD of necessity-

For I shall not live by bread alone, but every word, WORD, word of God.

Words that are alive and proceeding, even NOW,

out of His mouth.

Like manna –enough for each day only.

Release me from the debts that I owe,

just as I LET GO of the debts

owed to me by others.


Like the year of jubilee.

Lead me into you perfect will,

deliver me from the enemy’s plans to thwart that will.

You, O LORD rule the only true Kingdom,

Your Name carries power, and Your Glory outshines the heavens forever.



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