System Reset

I was thinking about this post… it’s time to step out of the boat.

Nothing But A Mist


What if the local bookstores were churches?
What if prophetic churches spent their words at the local coffee shops?
What if pew sitting Christians walked and prayed around the downtown and called it Church?
What if art galleries preached the Message of peace to the Lost?

What if there was a reset button on the “Church?”

We could press the button and restart the system with a clean memory, no old programs running in the background, bad data is deleted, the system is re-balanced. Get rid of obsolete programs and run more efficient space-saving apps. Everything would look different. Compare Windows 95 to Windows 10 (at least how it looks)

So why is the Church still running on Vista?

Jesus never followed the same patterns. Heal the sick? Spit, mud, and relying solely on faith – 3 different ways, same result, the blind see. Jesus seemed to upgrade His apps…

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