The Political Circus

For my Christian friends: I cannot keep silent concerning the republican candidates and the past few series of endorsements. Please forgive me and be nice.

I sense that these endorsements and poll numbers represent a “revenge” vote. Anger over the past few years has created hate and fear that demands punishment. I pray that believers will realize that is NOT the heart of God and vote, not against political correctness, but for spiritual correctness, which is not mere words but always walks in Love. I pray that everyone else will realize that revenge always has unintended consequences (ask Robespierre.)

The vote should be about who is most qualified to lead this country, make decisions over the lives of individuals in the military (they are people not the borg), find a way to move forward honestly and peacefully in the midst of a chaotic world. We do not need a Barnum or Bailey.

Once again, for believers, blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. Not a political party, or a system, or horses and chariots, or even the president, but the Lord, YHWH. So the responsibility for a nation’s blessings comes down to a people who believe that when they seek, they will find; when they pray, they will be heard; when they repent, they will be cleansed; when they Love they will indeed spread God’s Light. And His Love and Light are needed right now more than ever.


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