The curiosity of being an introvert with a gift of hospitality.

I can really learn a lot from the younger generation.

Throw away the book

Anyone who has been in Southern churches for a while has probably become at least loosely familiar with the various “Spiritual Gifts Surveys” that are floating around the small groups and leadership meetings of churches across the South. Before I say anything else I will go ahead and say this:
You don’t need a survey to discover your spiritual gifts. More than likely you already exercise it all of the time although you may not have ever named it. An apple tree doesn’t need to take a survey to find out that it bears apples. An evangelist doesn’t need to take a survey to find out that she has a heart for reaching the lost. You know what you are passionate about. You know what you produce.

That said, I guess that sometimes a few of us need these types of things just to remind ourselves that we do in…

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