Chastisement that brings peace

There once was an adorable 6 year old girl. Beauty. Like most 6 year olds, Beauty played in her imaginary world. Usually, Mother liked to play with her in her world. But when mother called, “Supper!” And she answered, “I have to tie up my Pegasus first.” She ate cold dinner with a frustrated mother.
Soon, her imagination convinced Beauty that she could make simple stories to cover up her transgressions.
“Beauty, let me see what you have for homework,” Mother said. The girl answered confidently, “My teacher was sick and didn’t give us any today.”
These stories went on for a long time. But mother soon found out that they were lies. The lies broke her heart. She went to Father and they both talked to their daughter about lying, how it hurt their both their hearts. Finally, Beauty said the words they longed to hear, “I’m sorry Mother and Father.” But in the girl’s heart she knew that was a story too.
After many more stories and many times of chastisement, Beauty noticed her Mother didn’t play in her world anymore.
One day Beauty’s fists were balled up tight. Mother came to call her to supper and noticed. “Darling, what do you have in your hands?” She hid her fists behind her back, “Nothing mother.”
“Let me see your hands”
Beauty brought her fists forward and slowly opened them to reveal two pieces from the candy jar. “I don’t know how they got there Mother!” She cried, tears streaming down her cheeks.
Mother stood before her with a painful look on her face. “Why would you lie about this? You could have asked for some and I would have given it to you.”
Ashamed Beauty answered, “I don’t know, are you angry?”
“Yes, you have been lying so much I can’t trust you anymore. Wait until Father comes home.” And Mother, tears in her eyes, turned, forgetting about supper.
The girl hid in her room anxiously wondering what Father would do. She tried to think of a good story so he wouldn’t be too angry.
Father came home and heard the real story. He called his precious daughter into the room. When Beauty came in he was extra tall, red-faced and held a long wooden yard stick. Even Mother was frightened.
“Let’s talk,” he growled and pointed to the bedroom.
Beauty knew this was it. Head hung low and tears streaming she silently marched to the bedroom. The door clicked to a close. She turned to face her Father, hands covering her tail.
Father looked her in her tear stained eyes. “Why do you keep telling lies? There is no need to. We love you and would listen if you told us the truth.”
“I don’t know why, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again,” she choked.
“You’ve said that many times. The only way to solve this now is with a very painful punishment,” he said calmly while waving the large wooden stick. Beauty’s eyes widened as he continued, “I’ll take the punishment for you.” She flinched as he handed her the yardstick. He turned around and put his hands on the bed. “You have to spank me three times.”
Beauty, terrified with tears like rivers yelled, “No Daddy, no, I was wrong, not you.”
“Just do it.” He said calmly.
“No, I can’t. I’m so sorry Daddy, I’ll never do it again.” She ran to him and hugged him, knowing that she meant it this time.
After that day Beauty always tried to the truth and kept her imagination for playing and inventing. Mother and Father were not sad anymore. Their family was at peace once more.

This is a true story. This happened when my eldest was 6 years old. There was so much peace in our household when she wasn’t hiding something, after she accepted that someone had to pay for her sins.

This is still a true story, Jesus took our punishment so we could finally be reconciled to God. I’m so glad that there is peace between me and my heavenly Daddy now. Thank you Jesus!


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